We have chosen Pets Best to protect your pets with insurance for unexpected accidents and illnesses. A trusted leader in pet insurance since 2005, Pets Best is customer and veterinarian recommended.

Great coverage? Fast claims? Great service? Yes.

  • Full coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions. We cover all hereditary and congenital conditions with no breed or incident limits.
  • We’ve paid more than $100 million in claims over the past ten years. We’re committed to helping pets receive the best care.

  • Fast claim processing—most in five days or less. Our free direct-deposit option means you get reimbursed quickly.

  •  We make it easy for you. We don’t require medical records, a veterinary exam or veterinary signature to enroll.

Don’t wait for an unexpected accident or illness— get your pet covered today. Here are actual customer claims we’ve paid:

  • Allergies: $1,043 total annual cost $754 reimbursed
  • Cancer: $7,671 total cost $6,057 reimbursed
  • Swallowed object: $3,242 total cost $2,808 reimbursed 
  • Arthritis: $7,410 total cost $6,489 reimbursed 

Plans for about the same cost as pet food!

We offer a wide variety of plan options to allow pet parents to change coverage as their pets’ needs change over time.

BestBenefit Accident & Illness Plans

Our most comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses, including full coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions.

BestWellness™ Routine Care Coverage Our optional routine care add-on helps pay for wellness exams, vaccinations, dental cleanings, blood work and more.

Accident Only Plan

A budget-friendly plan for those who want great coverage just for accidents such as fractures or foreign body surgeries.

*2015 Pets Best claims data. Specific examples shown above are for illustration purposes. Different deductible amounts and reimbursement  percentages  may apply based on the plan selected. These claim examples refer to conditions that were determined not to be pre-existing.  Claim administration is subject to all terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions in the policy.
Pet Insurance is offered and administered  by Pets Best Insurance Services LLC for placement with an insurer offering that coverage.